Elmira Baptist Church
Missionary Updates

May 6. 2018
The Kubik Family
Missionaries to Mongolia
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
We praise the Lord for His grace toward us. We are at 90% of our support level.
Pray with us as we seek to know how best to arrange our families' journey to Mongolia.
We are excited about being a part of what God is doing in Mongolia. We often get texts telling us that more
Mongolians are coming to Christ. Several local men are excited to be learning and working to serve the Lord
in full time ministry.
Also, pray for the completion of the translation of the Old Testament. 
Thank you for your prayers and support.
The Kubik Family

May 6, 2018
The Fritz Family
Missionaries to the Cape Verde Islands
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
We rejoice that we are leaving, finally, for Cape Verde. We want to thank you for all your support and prayers.
Continue to pray for our support, as we still need a small portion of our monthly support.
Pray with us that the good Lord will send more missionaries to Cape Verde, as there are no missionaries
on several of the islands.
Finally, pray all will go well with our language classes and that the Lord will bless us as
we minister here for Him.
The Fritz Family

April 21, 2018
From: The Livioco Family
Missionaries to the Philippines
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
We never cease to thank the Lord for your partnership in this ministry.
Here are some things from this past quarter:
-We had the privilege to speak at Precious Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church on their anniversary. 
Pray with us that this ministry will continue to be used mightily of the Lord.
-Our Sunday School workshop was a success. We had 23 show up. Pray that these teachers will be used greatly by the Lord.
-The passing of one of our members' father was a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with the
friends and family of the deceased. Pray for spiritual Fruit in the hearts of those who read our literature
and made professions of faith.
-At Family Camp, we had great fun and fellowship. Four couples joined our church and a teenager trusted
Christ as Savior. Pray with us that the seeds planted here will bear lasting fruit.
- On Easter, our choir sang beautifully. We also praise the Lord for the decisions of dedication made then.
Also...please continue to pray for:
Our budget needs. We still need 70% of our funds.
The translation of the entire New Testament in Tagalog is ready to be printed. Pray that it gets printed and
distributed this summer.
Because of Calvary,
The Livioco Family

March 18, 2018
From: The Van Winkle Family
Doing their deputation to serve as missionaries to Turkey (w/Vision Baptist Missions)
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
We are excited to announce that we have attained over half our support. Please join us in
asking the Lord to allow the rest of our support to come in soon.
Next month we will visit ten churches, all east of the Mississippi. Pray that at least six of them
will support us as we endeavor to go to Turkey before the year's end!
Thank you for your prayers and support,
Yours to Turkey,
The Van Winkle Family


March 11, 2018
From: The Pardini Family
Missionaries to Hong Kong
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
We have began our furlough. The Lord has provided us a house near our daughter in Washington.
We covet your prayers as we still need a car and some furniture.
We are anxiously looking forward to seeing you later this year.
The Pardini Family


January 28, 2018
From: The Jack Family
Missionary Trainers with ETHOS 360 in Jackson, Michigan
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
Thank you for praying for the returning student's safe travels. The snowstorm ended up being much milder
than predicted, with its heaviest days falling before and after the day most students were driving.
Yours in Christ,
The Jack Family


January 28, 2018
The Livioco Family
Missionaries to the Philippines
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
I have re-contacted an old college friend. Pray with us for him, his wife, and son that they soon will be free of 
the cult they are involved in.
In a recent Bible Study, I led a friends' Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law to Christ. Pray for their spiritual growth.
As Keynote speaker at the Young Professionals Camp, we had such a good response that we are doing it again.
Pray with us for those that made decisions for Christ.
Continue to pray for our Santa Cruz Lake outreach as there appears to be much interest in the Gospel there. Pray for
Spiritual growth among the attendees.
We covet your prayers to protect the people near the Mayon volcano as an eruption appears imminent.
Continue to pray for printing of the Scripture in Tagalong, and for wisdom as we seek to distribute them.
We need you to pray for us as we seek to inform the Philippine House of Representatives of the Biblical Truth
about homosexuality.
Also pray:
-Annual Family Camp will be a success.
-We can continue to raise funds to operate here.
-For our church choir, especially on Resurrection Sunday.
-Pray for Robert as he finishes his Doctor of Ministry Program.
Because of Calvary,
The Livioco Family


January 14, 2018
From: The Allardice Family
Missionaries to France with Baptist World Missions
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
Greetings from the Nation of France! Our ministries in Brive, and its outreaches, Pompadour and Faverges, have all 
grown. Pray for more attendance and growth to these ministries.
Some of our Brive visitors have stopped coming, pray they will return.
This year should see the purchase of our new building. We have the money- we're just waiting for the paperwork 
to go through. Please pray with us that from our ministries several local men will become leaders; then, we can turn the
churches over to them.
We are working on a booklet to help the common misunderstandings of Scripture. Pray for the success and usefulness
of this booklet.
Our visit to the States this past December was wonderful. God is good,
Thank you for your prayers and support,
In France for the Gospel,
The Allardice Family


December 3, 2017
From: The Livioco Family
Missionaries to Metro Manila, Philippines
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
Greeting from the Philippines! We covet your prayers for our Christmas Cantata on December 17th.
Pray for those unsaved who attend will come to Christ.
Also, pray for our Christmas Outreach and G
ifting project. Pray that the weather will be good and 
that souls will be saved and God glorified with the gifts and the message.
Rejoice with us as we have been married 35 years: God is so good.
Thank you for your prayers and support
The Livioco Family


October 7, 2017
From: The Jack Family
            ETHNOS 360 
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
Praise the Lord! God is good. Andrea has been promoted to Childcare Department Coordinator
and has spent many hours overseeing the move of the Child Center from upstairs to the ground floor
where they can have easy access to exits if needed.
Ken, as Head of the Kitchen, has finished training the new students for kitchen jobs. He also continues
to serve on the Deacon Board, in the Adult Sunday School, do side-jobs, act as handyman, and do the
prison ministry. Please pray for him.
Another praise: There was a problem getting students cleared for the prison ministry but the new Chaplin
is processing the applications quickly.
We love you in the Lord.
In our Savior's care,
The Jack Family


October 7, 2017
From: The Pardini Family
            Missionaries to Hong King
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
God is Good! Chinese Baptist Theological College (CBTC) has been accredited. It has accepted 3 Full-time
and 2 part-time students for the Fall Semester.
In July CBTC hosted 19 students, all Pastors and Evangelists from China for two weeks of courses.
This semester Dave will be bust teaching three classes, working on his book. "All By Grace" and 
speaking at the CBTC Bible Conference in December. Please pray for him.
It has been a long time since we have visited the States. In February we have to move again, so we
will use this opportunity to return to the States. We plan to initially settle in the Seattle area.
We covet your prayers for us as there are many things to do before we leave Hong Kong.
Again, than you for all your prayers and support.
The Pardini Family

September 23, 2017
From: The Post Family
            Missionaries to Canada
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
Thank you for your updates and prayers. We are praying for your building project and for Pastor Harder as well.
We praise the LORD for all He is doing at Elmira Baptist Church.
Please pray for our housing situtation as the house we are renting has been sold.
Also pray for the salvation of those we have contacted.
Thank you,
Dan Post

September 17, 2017
From: The Gomes Family
             Missionaries to Colombia, South America
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
We appreciate your support and prayers so much.
Please continue to pray for our Children's Ministry that is will continue to be properly lead and organized.
We are losing our Music Teacher- please pray that we get a replacement soon.
Ask the LORD to send us more couples for our church and please pray for those families that have left or
have become discouraged. 
We love you and pray for you,
Thank you for your faithfulness.
Rafael & Sandra Gomes

September 17, 2017
From: The Brooks Family
            Missionaries to South East Asia
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,
The Bible distribution in Papua New Guinea has started. In the city of Goroka, at the Secondary School,
we handed out 3,000 Bibles and gave a clear presentation of the Gospel.
During the first week we visited 13 schools and handed out 17,000 Bibles. Pray that souls will be saved
and lives changed because of our efforts.
Please pray for the continued safe transportation of the Bibles to other parts of the country. 
Thank you for your prayers and support.
Alan Brooks