Spiritual Fitness Exam
From Galatians 5: 22-24

1. FRUIT OF LOVE_______________
  • Is my worship and service motivated by love?
  • Do I love people more than things?
  • Do I love others only when/if they love me?
2. FRUIT OF JOY____________
  • Is my joy dependent on my circumstances?
  • Does my joy come from things within or things without?
  • What does it take for me to lose my joy? One word? One hurt? One day?
3. FRUIT OF PEACE____________
  • Do I seek peace from stimulants that cater to the flesh?
  • Do I allow myself to hold a grudge by fretting and fuming?
  • Is prayer my first priority or last resort?
  • Do I listen when others speak?
  • Do I lose my temper and curse and swear?
  • Do I humble myself and seek the patience of Christ?
5. FRUIT OF GENTLENESS___________________
  • Am I gentle with people I love most?
  • Do I trample on the feelings of others without thought?
  • Do I expect others to think just like me?
6. FRUIT OF GOODNESS_________________
  • Is goodness a priority in my life?
  • Did I perform an act of goodness this week?
  • Do I consider acts of goodness too costly?
7. FRUIT OF FAITH____________________
  • Do I make excuses for having a lack of faith?
  • Does faith guide my decisions in life?
  • Do I have difficulty accepting the reality of "things not seen"?
8. FRUIT OF MEEKNESS__________________
  • Do I need to always win at games?
  • Do I seek revenge against those who wrong me?
  • Can I forgive an offense?
9. FRUIT OF TEMPERANCE________________
  • Do I cave in to the cravings of the flesh?
  • Do I guard my mind from wicked thoughts?
  • Am I ruled by my temper of the Spirit of God?