Elmira Baptist Church was founded in August of 1957 but was originally named Elmira Community Bible Church.  The main building was still under construction in April of 1958 with lumber salvaged from Travis Air Base when heavy rains caused Ulatis Creek to flood and swept through the Elmira community with water reaching several feet in many spots.  All the new members of the original church were baptized in Putah Creek on November 17th, 1957. 


Early pastors of the church include Rev. Robert Andrews, Charles Carfrey, and Ed Grocott.  In August 1986 the church called Gerald Harder, from Caldwell, Idaho to serve as pastor and he remains the pastor to this day having recently celebrated 25 years of ministry with his wife Connie.  The church facilities have undergone significant renovation and remodeling with the recent addition of a Ministry Building located on the property in 2007.  Nine missionary families are currently supported monthly serving in Hong Kong, Ukraine, Spain, Philippines, Ivory Coast, Africa, France and the U.S. 


Elmira Baptist is independent in organization with Jesus Christ as its sole Head, fundamental in doctrine with a firm reliance on the authority and preservation of the King James Bible, Baptistic in doctrine holding to believer’s baptism by immersion, traditional in worship, conservative in music and evangelistic in emphasis believing the Gospel is for all men everywhere and those who believe are received into the kingdom of God  with an everlasting salvation.


The Elmira Strategy includes Six Principles that make our church unique:


E – Exalt Christ

L -  Love People

       M – Make Disciples

               I  - Instruction in Truth

      R – Ready to Serve

       A – Always Faithful