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Elmira Baptist Church's Missionaries Updates for 2019

August 25, 2019

From: John & Kathy Nordstrom
Evangelist with AAA Ministries

Dear EBC,

Madolyn and her Dad, Jason, were out door knocking. Three people listened to a complete Gospel presentation
but all said "no". But we are to "sow the Word", not get people to accept Christ as Lord and Savior. That is between
them and God.

Later, our teams gave the Gospel out three times and all accepted Christ as Savior. "We reap if we faint not". Please
pray for Jason and Madolyn.

Nan and Charissa, members of our summer Apprentice Program, knocked doors without results. But then Joe showed up and listened and accepted Christ as Savior. Please pray for Nan and Charissa.

One more item, Earl, currently in Mexico, using the "Heaven Test" led Pepe and Enrique to the Lord. God is good.

Please continue to pray for AAA Ministries and our Soul Winning Teams.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

John & Kathy Nordstrom


August 25, 2019
From: The Van Winkles
Missionaries to Turkey with Vision Baptist Missions
Dear EBC,

We have officially been in Turkey for 6 months. How time has flown. Pray with us that we will continue to
learn the language and build relationships.

We were blessed to attend Vision Missions regional conference in the U.K. It was a time of encouragement
and good fellowship.

Please pray for the city of Izmir, that we can raise up Turkish men to plant churches all over the city and
elsewhere in Turkey. Also, pray for salvation for the language instructor, Tugba.

Finally, once again, thank you for the unceasing prayers and support for our ministry.

Yours to Turkey,

The Van Winkle Family



June 23, 2019

From: The Brooks Family

Bible Distribution Coordinator for Papua New Guinea with Baptist International, INC.

Dear EBC,

In March and April teams distributed Bibles in 11 of the 22 provinces. Truly, we are seeing that God's people
have a mind to work. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm among believers as they purpose to distribute
God's Word and share the Gospel.

We were blessed when we were not charged storage for the several thousand Bibles that were left on the wharf
for a long time. Not only that, but the authorities even moved the Bibles to our distribution point free of charge.
God is good.

It was a privilege to lead devotions for the National Rugby Team before their first game. During the invitation
15 of them raised their hands. They all got saved. Praise God for the working of the Holy Spirit.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray that God will continue to supply us with Bibles and willing workers. There are
so many still to reach.

Yours for Souls and Christ,

The Brooks Family

June 23, 2019

From: The Allardice Family

Missionaries to France with Baptist World Missions

Dear EBC,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

We praise the Lord for providing a small apartment for meeting at Perigueux. We hold church services and Bible
meetings there. This is the only bible based work in the entire province.

We have reached out to other mission churches so that we might hold weekly services but have had no response.
Please pray with us for help from some of these other Baptist Churches.

One of our follow-up booklets led to a teenager getting saved and sharing is faith with his parents. A Muslim teenager
came to our Bible study. Pray with us, that he will return again.

On July 5th-8th, we have our Cultural Exchange at Brive. Pray God's Spirit will move powerfully at our event and in the
Nation of France.

Yours in the Gospel,

The Allardice family

June 6, 2019

From: The Van Winkle Family
Missionaries to Turkey with Vision Baptist Missions

Dear EBC,

Praise the Lord! We have passed out first level of language programs. Now we can proceed on to the next level.

Please continue to pray for us as we learn the language so that we will be able to clearly share the Gospel with
the people here in Turkey.

We have enjoyed visiting several cities since coming here to Turkey. Our hearts break knowing so many of these
places are without a Gospel witness. Pray with us, that we can raise up Turkish people to reach these areas for Christ.

Also pray for the salvation of Tugba. Finally...pray that our Residency Cards will come in the mail. They were approved
in April and we have not received them.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Yours to turkey,

The Van Winkles

February 9, 2019

From: The Allardice Family

            Missionaries to France with Baptist World Missions

Dear EBC,

We praise God that all the church building updates in Brive are completed and we are much encouraged by our ministries 
at this time; yet, we face opposition.

Our people passed out about 300 of our Gospel calendars to family and friends in January. Pray for us...and France.


1.  That young people will respond to the Gospel and our street evangelism.

2. That the Lord provides us with meeting places in Perigueux and Faverges.

3. Pray for the group from Cherokee Baptist Church in North Carolina which is coming to work with us on our July Outreach Program.

4. Pray for the blessing and guidance of the Lord for our July Outreach Program, that many would come to Christ because of it.

5. Finally, pray for the spiritual growth of our members in Brive and our other outreach ministries.

Thank you for all your prayers and support and especially for all the many cards you have sent.

The Allardice Family


February 9, 2019

From: The Kubik Family

           Missionaries to Mongolia with Baptist International Missions

Thank you so much for your faithful love, prayers and support. We continue to serve at Khan Uul Baptist Church where 
we lead the Teen Group Sunday School.

We love the Music Ministry there; however, our electric piano no longer works consistently. Pray with us that the Lord 
helps us to get an upright piano that is affordable and reliable.

Lat month a woman sought us out. She has heard of Jesus a long time ago and wanted to learn more. She came to dinner 
with us and two hours later, she accepted Christ as Savior!! She regularly attends church now. Praise God!

Please pray with us for a new piano, that we will learn the language quickly and that souls will be saved here in Mongolia.

Again, thank you for your prayers and support.

Serving the Lord in Mongolia,

The Kubik Family



February 3, 2019

From: The Nordstrom Family

            Evangelists with AAA Ministries

Dear EBC,

Thank you for all your prayers and support. 
AAA has been involved with the tragic Camp Fire with our "Relieving Paradise's Pain" Campaign. With your support, we 
have been able to give some small financial support to those in need here. One such gift went to Lawrence and his parents. 
A few months ago, I led Lawrence, a car salesman, to the Lord.

Please continue to pray for AAA Ministries, the victims of the Camp and other fires, as well as for our success in winning 
souls on our Missionary trip to Cuba the second week of February.

To God be the Glory,

The Nordstrom Family


January 26, 2019

From: The Brooks Family

            Bible Distribution Coordinator for Papua New Guinea with Baptist International, INC.

Dear Elmira Baptist Church,

We are excited to report that on Bougainville Island, Missionary Kenny Keck will be starting a new Baptist church where 
there are no Baptist churches. To advertise the new church, we are putting the church's information in all the Bibles that we 
distribute in the area.

We will begin to distribute Bibles in February. We sure could use help with the Bible distribution. Due to the conditions and 
housing we ask that only men come. If you are interested please contact us at Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Only eternity will reveal what God is doing in Papua New Guinea. Pray with us for our Missionaries and the Bible Distribution.

May God bless all of you who make this project possible.


The Brooks Family

January 18, 2019

From: The Nordstrom Family

           AAA Ministries

Please join AAA Ministries as we prepare for our upcoming mission's trip to Cuba. Take the list below and join as we attempt to take the Grace of Jesus Christ to the hearts of starving souls.

“Unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly 
   above all we ask or think” Ephesians 3:20
Please pray for:

1. Pastor Ernesto, his wife Gelsi and the Carolina Church.
2. Church plant Pastors: Juan Daniel, Juan Manual, 
Sr Eduardo, Pachi, Hochemendia, Louis, Nicholas, Wilder and Flores.
3. For the Gospel Sowers (Earl, Barney, Mike and John)
4. Souls to be saved.
5. For Christians to catch the fire of evangelism.
6. Spiritual War: Rebuke the devil.
7. A rental vehicle that will not break the bank.
8. Getting through customs without having to pay a high fee.
9. Traveling safety on Cuban roads.
10.  Not to get sick from the water.
11. For translators (Ruth, Getsi, Raphael and Alex)
12.  Finances to complete the trip.


January 13, 2019

From: The Allardice Family

            Missionaries to France with Baptist World Missions

Dear EBC,

Thank for letting us know of the passing of Pastor Harder. We have been on the road and just got the news. We are saddened; Pastor Harder was a blessing to us. Our condolences to the church and his family, he will be missed.

Please pray for the ladies who were baptized this summer. Pray they continue to grow in the Lord. One of the ladies just found out that here husband has cancer. We are praying for his salvation and healing.

Thank you for the many acts of kindness you have done as a supporting church and as praying friends. You are a source of "gifts from above". Thank you for your part in getting the Gospel to those who are in need in this area of the world.

Please continue to pray for souls to saved as we share the message of the "Greatest Gift" God has given--His Son.

Th Lord bless you all at Elmira Baptist Church.


The Allardice Family


January 13, 2019

From: The Jack Family

            Missionaries with Ethnos 360

Dear EBC,

Much is done during school breaks. There is time to prepare Bible lessons for classes, the prison outreach and the 

care home where Ken preaches on the 5th Sunday months. There is also time to do maintenance for the kitchen and its equipment.

Here are some prayer requests:

We would appreciate prayer for us as we decide where to send one of our children for high school. Also, pray for friends transitioning overseas; especially those with children, as it can be quite an adjustment. Finally, pray for the family who could not start classes as planned because their house did not sell. Pray they will be able to attend next semester's classes.

We want to thank you for all your continued prayers and support.

The Jack Family


January 13, 2019

From: The Kubik Family

           Missionaries to Mongolia with Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Dear Elmira Baptist Church,

Happy New Year! God has been unceasingly good this past December. More than 70 people heard the Gospel at our 

Christmas party. Pray the message will touch their hearts and bring them to salvation.

Because of your prayers and faithful support, our spirits remain high, despite the colds and stomach bugs that have 
happened in our family.

As we knew he would by faith, God has provided the funds needed for our vehicle. Praise God for His faithfulness.

We ask you for prayer for one of our pastors who has crushing personal and church financial burdens. Pray for God to 

move and ease his burdens. God is able!

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Serving Him in Mongolia,

The Kubik Family


January 6, 2019

From: The Livioco's

           Missionaries to the Philippines with International Partnership Ministries
Dear Elmira Baptist Church,

Having been invited to speak at the Capital Christian Leadership Conference, I used this platform to share the Gospel 
and my conversion from Catholicism. We had a great response. Pray that the Gospel will bear fruit in the hearts of those 
that heard. Pray with us that the Lord would continue using us at Foundation Baptist Church until He comes.

We are thankful for all the adults and children who come to our mission outreach at Lake Santa Cruz. Pray with us as 
we seek to plant a New Testament church there.

Again, please continue to pray for the printing of the Bible in Tagalog. It should be done in 2019. Ask the Lord to help 
us raise money, as we are at 30% of our need. Finally pray for the Fundamental Bible Conference in Metro-Baguio on 
February 11-13.

We are deeply grateful to the Lord for your prayers and support.

With fervent Love and Prayers,

The Livioco Family